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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 1, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos of the day -- "right this minute"! ever go on a fair ride and think -- >> i hope something doesn't go
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wrong. >> well, something went very wrong here. we've got the story. >> oh! >> look how far he is. >> after a head-on crash, a driver tries to run. but, the guy with the camera? >> starts to chase after him. >> oh my goodness. this is awesome zblxt see how he was finally corralled for the cops. his sneaky proposal went viral. now we've got video -- >> of their wedding. >> they're married now. >> how the groom pulled off one last surprise in the ceremony. >> and, two jacked-up cats. >> want to get at each other. >> see the raid by the dog police who busted some tail. >> oh, wow. >> time to get our hoe started with the first video of the day. steven has it and the story behind it. >> when you buckle yourself into a ride at an amusement park, you may have wondered in the past, i hope something doesn't go wrong. take a look at this video, it
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shows the megabounce frog ride in leicester, england. keep your eyes in the bottom lefthand portion of the screen. >> oh, my god! >> as it starts spinning around, one of the carriages on this ride breaks off. >> oh [ bleep ]! >> and flips over. >> inside the carriage were two 16-year-old passengers. identified as conner baker and danny keio. the "daily mail" actually has a picture of the two 16-year-old boys involved. one of them was crushed by the rolling car and the other was catapulted into the air. if you watch it again, these arms lift up on this ride. okay. you almost have to be thankful that it didn't break off when it was suspended in the air. >>ory time you get on one of those things at the fair you always hope they put that thing together properly. what's the condition of the boys? >> both were taken to the
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hospital, danny had to be kept in intensive care, had to have surgery on a broken arm. also injuries to his chest and ribs. conner suffered a broken nose and broken teeth. now danny's family say he's in a lot of pain, but he is smiling and he's telling everybody that he's going to be okay. the ride has been dismantled at the billy bates fair ground. the health and safety executives in england are looking into what went wrong in this video. >> that's likeeveryone's fair nightmare come true. take a look a what two guys incoa haed to catc oh camera. lk at this guy driving drunk right now. >> referring to this truck right in front of them. we have been unable to confirm whether or not alcohol was involved in this incident. >> whoa! >> look at that. >> oh my god. >> oh! >> wow. >> as you see, the driver of the
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truck clearly caused a head-on collision with another car. that car was driven by davy aubrey, he was a delivery driver for papa zito's pizza restaurant. >> they keep the camera rolling. >> stop, stop! >> yo, yo, holy [ bleep ]. >> the driver of the pizza delivery car is on the side of the road, he is injured. aubrey was taken to the hospital where he had to have staples put in his head. but he is expected to be okay. >> this doesn't end here. >> why were you, why were you running? ain't you the driver? you can hear them saying that the driver of the truck jumped out of the car. >> he took off and left his truck. >> they realized the guy who is running is the driver. [ bleep ]. >> and the guy with the camera starts to chase after him. >> oh my goodness, this is awesome. >> they catch this guy and stop
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him. >> of course he's shirtless. why wouldn't he be shirtless in situation like this? >> as they get the guy stopped, a police car pulls up. they're holding the guy for the police. >> these dudes are doing all the work for the police. >> the officer is arresting the driver of the truck. >> we did reach out to the brevard county sheriff's office, we've been unable to confirm if the driver was in fact drunk and we've been unable to confirm any charges against the driver. >> these guys are good little investigators. >> this video sends a chill down my back, because it really can happen to any of us, this is surveillance video that we found on kprc. this is a gas station on league city in texas. look at what that man just did. >> horrible, horrible. and brazen. i mean he just did it right behind the store like the clerk was seeing him do it. >> her name is fallon breaker.
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she was wearing a dress. this man took advantage of the opportunity. put his hand and cell phone right under her skirt to take pictures. >> i gave him the opportunity to go in front of me because i wasn't ready to check out. he said oh, no, you go ahead. >> doesn't he know that pictures are also being taken of him. obviously there's lots of surveillance, he's on camera, too. we have videos before that guys have some secret contraption in their shoes to do the same terrible thing. but this guy has his phone out like nobody's around. >> his action are so brazen that there were customers outside pumping gas that saw him doing this through the windows. >> as soon as i came out the door, they were screaming to let me know what he had just done. >> they chased him but he jumped on his motorcycle and sped off. what she's freaked out are now his pictures are on some man's hand, she's got no control over
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it. >> the good thing is we've got his profile. maybe somebody will recognize him from that. >> that's what police hoping for. if he is found, he is expected to be charged with improper photography. >> i hope it doesn't stop girls from wearing dresses. today is the 68th anniversary of the warsaw uprising. last year somebody captured on film how the people in warsaw paid homage to the people who died. over 200,000 people died in the 63-day uprising to expel the nazis from warsaw. you can see people stopping to remember for one minute to remember every year on august 1st. >> it's cool and simple. just stop whatever you're doing. if you're driving, walking, whatever, stop for one minute and just stand there and think. kind of an interesting way to just pay tribute. >> the fact that they've been doing this, this is the 68th
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anniversary. and everyone in warsaw is doing this together. it's a beautiful tribute and it says a lot about the people of poland and their respect for the people who paid the ultimate price for what they enjoy today. >> but also, just watching this, it's so emotional and eerie at the same time to see all of these people going about their day, but then at this exact moment, they all just stop. >> the shot of the intersection is just awesome. the bus stopped. like a cab is stopped. all the cars in the intersection, it's so cool to see. >> you might think this is a still photo, but the flags are still waving. >> time to sing the praises of william pauley. >> he's kind of a superstar of the cup stacking. >> kind of? he is the king and now, he wears an even bigger crown. see how he's stacking up, next. and look at pitbull -- not
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quite dancing up there on stage. >> the funny thing is that they're all doing their thing, right? and he's trying to keep up. >> see why he's offbeat and out
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get ready, it's time for another edition of best of "rtm," where we tell you about some awesome videos can you find on our website. >> that's the magic of rahat is back and he's pranking drive-through workers again. this time he's putting a fake sort of roach on the worker's hand as they transfer either money or food. and then he lets them know, hey, look, something's on your hand. >> of course they freak out. don't feel so bad, he does tell them that he's just pulling a joke, making a funny video. >> after he spikes their blood pressure. >> good thing nobody had a heart attack. >> to check it out, head over to our website, and click on -- >> best of "rtm." another senseless act of
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vandalism caught on camera. this time, cctv of the princess diana of wales memorial pond in the uk. you see these two boys swimming in the pond which you're not supposed to do. number one. number two, you see them push over and destroy the boy with the leaking boots statue. that's inside the pond. they kind of swim around and joke around. in the pool. they're taking pictures of each other and although it might have been fun, that might be what comes back to haunt these guys. because investigators have noticed a large tattoo on the right arm and shoulder of one of these guys. and they're hoping that that will lead to somebody being able to identify these two vandals. there's one point where the guise just dive in the pool, just make a mess of the place, really. this is the second time that the statue has been vandalized in the past eight months. so of course, people are really upset about this. >> i also got to think, if this is the second time the statue
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has been vandalized in eight months, maybe they've got do amp up the security around the area. >> amp up security at a memorial? isn't it awful that you have to say that? you would think that human beings would have more respect than that. >> i hope that they were drunk and that they see this one day and feel bad about what they did. under the influence of alcohol and turn themselves in. >> some other reports are suggesting these two might have been intoxicated during this incident. still unconfirmed thus far. but people are on the lookout for these two. and police are asking for help. >> birds attacks -- itself.
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do you all remember this incredible young man? this is 11-year-old william pauley. he's kind of a superstar of the cup-stacking. >> absolutely right. he is a cup-stacking superstar. we checked in with him back in april. he had just won the world sports stacking championship in germany. they have a fun little update on william pauley. just a couple of days ago, william pauley won the aau junior olympic sport stacking championship. the first time that sport stacking was involved. was allowed in the junior olympics. here he is, this was in houston, and take a look. >> he's faster! >> there's a group of kids back there watching like that's william pauley. he's like a celeb in the sports stacking world. >> you know he is. this young man has seven world
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records. he won the gold medal -- in this overall championship contest. and his relay team also set a world record for the fastest relay cup stacking. and i have that on video, too. you have to stack three cups, then six cups and three cups and take them down. it's the 3-6-3. >> that's so awesome. >> please tell me he's got some scholarship money from this from rubbermaid or dixie cup or something. >> you would think the sponsorships will start rolling in. this dog steps in to stop a cat fight before it starts. >> oh no. >> oh no is right, can't we all just get along?
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gayle loves her animals, except for -- >> raccoons. >> aw. >> you know how i feel about raccoons. >> see how the raccoons are taunting us with their dumpster ways, "right this minute." don't forget, "right this minute" is all new,
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pitbull, the rapper from miami, also known as mr. 305, was part of a campaign with
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walmart to go to whichever walmart got the most likes on its facebook page. the walmart in kodiak, alaska, in very remote kodiak, alaska won and he kept to his word. >> how many people are in kodiak, that could like it more than the one in like san diego or somewhere? >> well that -- >> the internet is not available to everyone. so pitbull is going to go whichever one. we're all going to try to vote for the one farthest away. >> a boston writer, david thorp thought it would be funny to send him to the most remote walmart. >> who knew pitbull had that many fans in alaska. >> i'm glad he kept to his word. >> this is a performance put on by the aleutic dancers. a group of native dancers from alaska. the funny thing is they're out there doing their thing and he's trying to keep up. >> he definitely looks
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uncomfortable. like what am i supposed to do. >> i think it's neat that he did go there. he probably got exposed to a group of people he may not have ever gotten a chance to meet. >> on his twitter feed he did post a picture of him with the dancers and he was holding a baby. but one of my favorite parts is that he promised that in one of his future songs, one of his lyrics would include kodiak. ♪ ♪ a very serious public service announcement. >> this is the public service announcement from dan lucah. insects expert. a lot of times. in the middle of the night when somebody is asleep, a really bad spider is going to crawl into your shoe. and go way down where you can't see it. and make a trap. and then the next day, you're going to try to put your shoe
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on. a lot of people die. just so you know. >> you know, when cats are about to fight, they do that stare down posturing where they're not saying anything or doing anything and all of a sudden it just gets crazy. >> as opposed to when cats are posturing and they are saying anything? >> look who marches his way in to break this thing up. >> they don't even notice the dog. >> tension is escalating, the dog is standing over the two of them. the dog starts to slink away like okay, i got the situation under control. but oh no. >> oh! >> look who came in. >> the cat looks away. realizes the dog's gone. the other cat pounces on that cat, the fight breaks out. but then, not one, not two, but three dogs come to the rescue and quickly separate the two cats. >> they're like really good bouncers at a club. >> it's not over. the cats want to get at each other. they're like, okay 0, let's fight under this car. >> the dogs can't get there.
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>> oh, wow. >> they eventually tumble their way out from beneath the car and the dogs get in there again and separate these two cats. >> these cats really respect these dogs, because they held off that first fight because there was a dog standing over them. it's like they're the dog parents, they're their adopted cats. >> pulled them out of the bar and kicked them out. >> it was an internet sensation when he popped the question. but now, it's the wedding that's making us swoon. >> wow. >> that was really sweet. >> see what surprises the groom has in store, this time. >> any time you have man tears in a video, that will reel you the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable. once we got fios, it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. [ male announcer ] don't settle for the same old cable technology. now you can move up to verizon fios with no annual contract required for just $99.99 a month for a year, you'll get a fios triple play and our whole home solution --
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>> oh! >> i knew that was going to happen. >> remember i showed you the video of somebody putting a ladder in the dumpster and the bear cubs climbing out? a ladder has gone back into a dumpster, but this time, it's not bear cubs. this time it's raccoons. >> you know how i feel about raccoons. >> gayle is a fan of the animal kingdom, but not of raccoons. >> now some raccoon videos i admit are kind of cute when they're acting like humans. but they're getting into your trash, they used to at my old home, i hated them. >> these guys are in a dumpster, but look how many climb out. >> two, three, four for sure. >> four, five. >>, these are not babies. >> i see seven. >> seven is not the end of it, beth. >> are you kidding? >> this must be an after-hours
4:57 pm
nightclub for raccoons. >> the dumpster den. >> they like trash. >> there were eight raccoons. >> eight raccoons at the dumpster den. >> maybe this video should just be a further memo to animals -- quit getting stuck in dumpsteres so humans have to come save you with our ladders. not too long ago we saw a video of tim and audrey's proposal. it shows them enjoying a meal with some of her friends, he tapped on a window with flash cards, proposing to her. >> sweet. >> very sweet. she was surprised. of course she said yes. and this video is actually a video of their wedding. >> they're married now. >> they're married now. they got married this past weekend on july 28th. >> she wrote her own vows, so
4:58 pm
did he. but he surprised her yet again on their wedding because in the description of the video, it says that maybe he doesn't know how to speak japanese, but because she's such a fan of japanese culture, he wrote his vows in japanese. [ speaking japanese ] >> for the guests who don't speak japanese, he had flash cards. >> how awesome. >> she obviously liked hello kitty. he, not so much. >> i think i saw the father of the bride crying and any time you have man tears in a video, that will reel you right in. >> she looks so beautiful and he looks so happy and -- >> i really wish i was at this wedding. >> that's it for our show, we'll see you tomorrow, everybody, >> that's it for our show, we'll see you tomorrow, everybody, have a great one. -- captions by vitac --
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charges announced in response to a shooting. >> there's no shortage of chickens or opinions at chick-fil-a as we will came out in support of the ceo after he made comments about gay marriage. >> we've been hearing about the affordable care act, now what preventable services will be covered for women. authorities received a tip th